Study Tips — My daily study routine

Whey I say study, I mean practice. The two definitely complement each other.

I am a visual learner who learn best when pictures and images is used and I am also a verbal learner who would prefer using words in writing and speech.

I’m currently working full time and studying some certificates (work related) at the same time. Most people laugh and say in a joke way that I’m well motivated when I tell them about my most recent study routine, but it’s a routine that I found allows me to be incredibly productive.

The bus and the train are my favourite study zones. I mostly study during commute, so very few distractions actually exist and it’s also become a me time that I came to really enjoy and I will wrap things up by the weekends to understand, do further research and prepare it for a review for the coming week.

Here are my daily study routine.

Using every minute I have is great, but making the best of every minute is equally important. — Cindy


30 minutes — flashcards (AM)

60 minutes — read (AM)

60 minutes — study online learning (lunch break)

30 minutes — review (PM)


60 minutes — read (AM)

30 minutes — review last week flashcards (AM)

60 minutes — prepare for new flashcards for the coming week

60 minutes — study online learning

The 4th week of the month:

120 minutes — monthly review (paper based)

The learning tools:

My Anki App from June 2020
  1. Flashcards — Anki App. It is free and I can make the flashcards with text and images, or download pre-made ones. It usually automatically does backups and sync to all my devices. (See the above photo)
  2. Read — Kindle and Goodreads. The Kindle is lighter, easy to turn pages, saves pages, and I can read multiple books without having to carry a bunch of books around. I can send the notes/the highlights to my private email. It makes my study so much easier.
  3. Write — Paper notes, sticky notes. Paper doesn’t only just feel good, research shows writing by hand in some ways are superior when it comes to learning, creativity and productivity and I agree with this!
  4. Online notes — Google Docs and Dropbox.

How to do it daily?

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” ― Anthony Robbins

Start small. I know there are so many of us are easily unmotivated and so I am. If an hour of study seems like too much, try 10 minutes. I found that the most significant driver of positive emotions and motivation are making progress on the tasks at hand.

Keep it simple. I don’t need a fancy app or tool to start my study routine. Don’t waste your time and energy to prove which tools are better, instead you can focus more on “studying” — the action.

Use if-then statements. My principles: If I am in the bus, then I will read; If I mindlessly scroll through my phone, then I will instead start the flashcards app. You can think through what will get in your way and make a plan to study consistently.

What if I can’t do it today?

I am not a huge believer in regret as far as life goes. If you can’t study today, it doesn’t mean you can’t study tomorrow. I do believe strongly in learning as much as you can from not only books but also experiences and people you meet. That’s a daily study routine that won’t ever stop.




I laugh, eat, run, and study for life | Let’s chat on Instagram: @cindychristella

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Cindy Christella

Cindy Christella

I laugh, eat, run, and study for life | Let’s chat on Instagram: @cindychristella



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